04 giugno 2013

COOLNESS / Hollywood Star Charts by Dorothy

Here's a cool star chart which both stargazers and film lovers will like. It's called Hollywood Star Chart, by British design studio Dorothy, and its constellations are made of actual movie stars!

The star chart comes in two versions, and in special golden and silver editions. The Hollywood Golden Age Star Chart - tells the studio website - is based on the night sky over Los Angeles on 6 october 1927, the release date of Al Jonson's The Jazz Singer, the first feature-lenght motion picture with synchronized dialogue. Its release heralded a new age of filmmaking and a decline in popularity of the silent film.

The Hollywood Modern Day Star Chart is based on the night sky over New York on June 16th 1960, the date of the first showing of Hitchcock's "Psycho". With its new approaches to storytelling, characterisation and violence it is seen as a key movie in the start of the post-classical era of Hollywood.

ps. Be sure to check out Dorothy's Song Map and Film Map prints! They're great to get lost in ;)

(via Coolhunting)

EDIT: On June 7th The Hollywood Star Charts were featured on Design*Sponge. TOLD YA!

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