03 giugno 2013

FASHION / Fashion Victims by Yolanda Dominguez

On 24 April, an eight-storey factory building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing more than 1200 people who worked there in dangerous and unsafe conditions, at a minimum wage, employed by big names of the fashion industry.

Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez tried to raise social awareness around this event and its causes through a "living", an urban action in which the audience is involved, which took place in one of Madrid's busiest shopping streets. On the pavement, women in fashionable clothes and accessories lied covered in debris, much resembling the bodies found amongst the ruins of the Rana Plaza building.

The workers who were killed and those who are still working in the same conditions in third-world countries are the real "fashion victims", in the most tragic sense. Dominguez's action is a call out to more responsible production and consumption behaviors. Something has to change.

ps. Yolanda Dominguez's website and blog

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