08 maggio 2013

VIDEO / Fashion Film: Lizzy Caplan for Viva Vena

Today at uni we talked about fashion film, which has quickly become a popular type of advertising, mostly used by fashion brands. It basically tells a story about the brand - its mood, philosophy, atmosphere and emotions it conveys - rather than focusing on the product and subtly telling the customers "Buy it but it buy it".

All the time during the lecture I couldn't stop thinking about Lizzy Caplan's Fashion Film, which is actually a commercial for a clothing line called Viva Vena. I love it when brands use irony to communicate, and you can see this very well in Matthew Frost's spoof video of hipster fashion advertising. Enjoy!

ps. Here are some fashion films:

Lanvin for H&M "The Show" (2011)
Giorgio Armani "One Plus One" (2012)
Prada "A THERAPY" (2012)

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